I hope our friendship grows in love humbly 

Remembering when we were younger and you showed humility

By then my personality traits were strong & unstructured 

You showed uninhibited love in a heart of thunder

I felt safe in your comfort

Having less then none female friends 

Even if your attention was elsewhere with you I felt safe every where I went beside you

We did not grow up in the same hoods

Yet we knew of the same people

And then is when I learned we’re all interconnected with no reason to side god

I was older so I wanted to guide you

I was older & indeed I learned from you

You inspired me to live each moment wholeheartedly 

So I never stopped to wonder if your living beyond your  blues

When you saw my eyes you saw my heart and I will still help you grow no matter how far apart because your destiny

Your free without all the things you consumed


In the pit of my stomach

I felt pain bubbling

It had stung me, to not cry

Instead, I needed another chance to feel whole

I wanted to see you alive again

I wanted to hear your heartbeats & embrace your grins

Unluckily I was out of time only remembering some fleeting bliss

Emotionally I recall kissing your forehead as a way to say goodbye

Often so later -on were temporarily

Yet forever I will miss your life

In the pit of my stomach

From the electricity in my toes

I walk alone, that way no one can hear my pain when I mourning

That way no one can see my rain

When it’s pouring

In the pit of my stomach, my pain is bubbling

I guess all things living needs Covering. Sleep in peace!


Chin proud & strong

Eyes developed with grandiose beauty reflecting your aura

Your touch of fragrance brings order for a world so untrue

Can I be a friend to you?

Can I touch your hand?

Can I see you when I am blue?

Would it even make sense if you want to see the back & my breast

Would it make sense if you can convey my heart with your chest

Are you into randomness ?

Do you attract broken hearts as I ?

Do you convey the truest word s spoken of a stranger you never heard

Do you like my poetry ?

Better spoken words

Inspiring Chicken Soup

Yesterday evening, I decided to make a homemade chicken soup with vegetables. Keep in mind I still was in pain from having my monthly menstrual which can be extremely painful because I suffer from a chronic disease called endometriosis. As I was recovering from being hospitalized I decided that instead of eating junk food, I should help my body heal properly from the many medications & nausea I was feeling. My soup consisted of red potatoes, raw beans, green onion, orange bell pepper, chicken breast meat, raw carrots, and parsley. I did not know that the process would be so long & hard yet I strived. Awhile I was cooking the soup, tasting the flavors I couldn’t help but think I am grateful to taste the wholeness of rawness in water from veggies. I was thinking water holds things dead & alive together. I would suggest if you want to use raw beans in a soup to soak the beans the night before in a bowl of cold water to get the best results in the soup. Upon completion of the dish, I was totally happy & satisfied with the taste & presentation. It was a spoonful of joy to be able to express love for myself that day.

Here is what I learned after my cooking Experience Upon adding Bay Leaves to my soup.

“Vegetable water sufficient in use of the tongue”.


  • Bay or laurel leaves brings a great aroma in the home
  • A medicinal herb, inhaling can help respiratory issues (burned) Protects skin from a wide variety of ailments
  • Muscle and Joint relaxant
  • Main oil in the leaf is Eucalyptol
  • Contains Mcyerne and Eugenoc


Thank you for Reading have a blessed day


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